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Discover and Develop Course

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General Description

This is a course designed to bring you back to the fundamentals of movement and strength. AoS founder Anthony DiLuglio will be instructing on the development and proper use of Vintage Tools, Art of Suspension, and Ropes Gone Wild. The Ropes Gone Wild system will be enhanced with the introduction of the Step360, a new tool to increase metabolic endurance and core stability. Anthony will also be introducing the new XTFusion. This is a method of integrating Vintage, Suspension, and Ropes to achieve an even higher level of intensity, core training, and more dynamic workout routines. Check out Art of Strength Online to learn why this course is a must have tool in the toolbox of personal trainers, fitness coaches, and enthusiasts alike.


Vintage is not just a tool. It is also a philosophy. It is an understanding of strength that has nearly died out within the physical culture of today. This understanding of authentic strength manifests through a series of progressions and the use of specific vintage tools. Everything has a purpose within these progressions and tools; nothing is done without a why behind it. Every motion, every inch of American-crafted steel all working in concert to create a stronger, more resilient, and more empowered you. There are series of movements, one built upon the strength of the other, which engage the entire body and increase muscle density rather than size.

This course is not just a creative way to regain vitality, stamina, and strength. It is not a new twist on an old trick. The Vintage Progression, along with Vintage Tools, is a method used by professional athletes and sports teams, fitness enthusiasts, and AoS Licensees across the country. Register now to experience the bedrock of authentic strength.


You will be learning the same Ropes Gone Wild system that is used by professional athletes, collegiate and professional sports teams, and Art of Strength licensees across the country. This course is designed for novices and experts alike by approaching strength and motion at an instinctive and intuitive level. This course provides a solid foundational understanding of Ropes Gone Wild and explains basic and advanced movement patterns that are both effective and fun. You will learn to use the ropes to naturally develop core stabilization, authentic strength, and metabolic endurance through a high intensity, zero impact, full body workout.

The course concludes with a series of drills designed specifically for Ropes Gone Wild training called ROPA. ROPA infuses high tempo choreographed routines into the traditional movement patterns to introduce yet another method for increasing authentic strength. Register now to see why Ropes Gone Wild has been voted Best New Cardio Tool by Men’s Health Magazine.


The all new XTFusion is the fastest way to increase the intensity of your workouts while still keeping them grounded in the same philosophy that Vintage, Suspension, and Ropes derive from. This is not about adding a gimmick –it’s about increasing authentic strength, core stability, and metabolic endurance. Anthony teaches using the same instinct and intuition based guidance he has always tapped into with his students. This allows you to explore the possibilities of XTFusion as it naturally relates to your level of fitness.

Learn the correct combinations, applications, and philosophy behind the Art of Strength Core Tools from the same man who designed and developed them. The possibilities are endless and the results will astound you. Register now to enhance your fitness portfolio and grow your understanding of physical culture.


Art of Suspension is a method of achieving strength, mobility, and endurance rooted in simplicity and efficiency. In this course Anthony will be explaining how to properly use suspension training and also why it is a necessary component of authentic strength. As you will see, Art of Suspension allows you to safely access new planes of movement without trading safety for intensity. This is simply an extension of traditional body weight exercises. What suspension adds is phenomenal freedom of movement, constant core engagement, and the opportunity to master essential postures and movements.

This system is effective because it allows you to alter body weight resistance to suit your level of fitness. From someone in their sixties recovering from a hip replacement to a professional athlete training between seasons, Art of Suspension meets you where you’re at and takes you where you want to go. The applications are limitless. Once you experience the Art of Suspension you will never be able to look at training the same way. Register now to explore this crucial method of achieving authentic strength.



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