Xt Fusion Workout Challenge

Art of Strength is looking for the ultimate cross-training program – the kind that will significantly change how people train. Too many of the workouts currently on the market demand a lot, give back little, and end up being useless when the people who ascribed to them end up injured and sidelined. We know that as an industry we can do better. And for our clients, we have to do better.

So do you have what it takes? Then show us!

We want to see precision, variety, progression, and knowledge in an ass-kicking workout specifically designed to push without the risk of injury.

You must incorporate:

1) Ropes Gone Wild 2) Vintage Barbells and/or Dumbbells 3) Suspension 4) Kettlebells 5) Bodyweight Exercises

Five components. Each component must be 20 seconds long. Repeat as often as you like. The rest periods are up to you. And don’t forget to tell us WHY your program works.

Then send the link to [email protected] (with the title “XT Fusion Workout – YOUR NAME/WORKOUT”) so that we can post it up on YouTube.

The winner gets $500 of Art of Strength equipment and a guest spot in our upcoming Discover and Develop training course on March 16th-17th in Providence, Rhode Island.

Deadline: March 1st, 2013 Everyone claims their program is the best. Now we want you to prove it.

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